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‘Performance Confidence is a skill one can learn. So why not learn it?’ 

Carmel Liertz’s training for performance confidence is for all musicians and non-musicians – to overcome performance anxiety and stage-fright and gain performance confidence. Her work demonstrates that with a strategies formula to support the mind-body connections involved in performance whether it be music performance or everyday performance, a positive focus can be achieved. Negative thoughts and feelings of anxiety fall away. One can enjoy performing or working at one’s personal best. This approach is seen in her book/ebook Performance Confidence: A Training Program for Musicians. 

Carmel Liertz, highly experienced performance coach, musician and teacher, researched sport psychology for many years, in order to apply its proven peak performance strategies and techniques to the musician’s lifestyle. This has since been successfully applied to students and adults in other fields e.g. education (B. Ed in Western Australia) (Buy Book; Services)  

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Carmel Liertz’s ‘Mind-Body Awareness’ © approach promotes the ‘mental and physical edge’ that is so necessary for performance confidence. This is achieved with a personalised training program to address common performance problems as well as personal challenges in performance . This natural, health-oriented approach is equally suitable for everyday performance as the strategies are universally promoted for general health and wellbeing for people of all ages. Created originally as additional support for musicians’ practice and performance it is just as much needed by others seeking the same benefits. (See Benefits).

Student musicians using this confidence training say how surprised they are by their newfound performance confidence and performance enjoyment. Professional musicians find this unique training ideal for maintaining their performance confidence and mind-body fitness – assisting with preventing and overcoming stress in practice and pre-performance. 

‘For the very first time I felt I enjoyed playing to a stranger.’  Alicia Limasa, pianist, Sydney  

‘I have used the various training methods and techniques of the book to great success, not only in my teaching but also in my own performances.’ Yiannis Christophides, concert violinist, violin teacher, secondary school music, music technology teacher, London

Performance Confidence Training gives you:

  • peak performance strategies
  • how to control performance nerves
  • how to prevent music performance anxiety and overcome music performance anxiety
  • how to prevent stagefright and overcome stagefright
  • techniques for mental practice / mental rehearsal
  • methods for performance practice
  • routines for pre-performance
  • mind-body health and fitness
  • how to create flow and letting go
  • strategies for creating excellence in performance
  • performance enjoyment.

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