Performance Confidence – Program & Book

For everyone – including musicians, performers, presenters, students

Performance Confidence is a skill you can learn.  So why not learn it?

WATCH performance anxiety and stage-fright fall away, as you learn strategies and skills used by elite athletes and top performers to develop performance confidence. The end result?  A positive focus to enjoy performing confidently. 

PERFORMANCE COACH, Carmel Liertz guides you in every aspect of this mental, physical, emotional process to give you that stress-free mental and physical edge for performance and presentation. Her book/ebook, Performance Confidence: A Training Program for Musicians also demonstrates this. Buy Book; Services

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RECOGNISED as a new international performance methodology with the trending focus on wellness to improve technique, Carmel Liertz’s ‘Mind-Body Awareness Approach’ © develops mind-body health and confidence simultaneously.  This integrative approach is suitable for all people needing performance confidence and wanting to overcome anxiety about performance-type situations. International Article

PERFORMANCE NERVES are perfectly normal as a sign of excitement.  You can learn to channel performance nerves positively before they spiral out of control into performance anxiety. My ‘mind-body awareness approach’ instills an inner sense of mastery in a matter of weeks.  When this strategies skill-set is incorporated into your daily life, medications for performance anxiety become unnecessary.  Knowing how to control your nerves and direct your focus to the task-at-hand, you can build the necessary confidence to ‘let go’ for successful performance. This transformational experience remains with you – promoting self-belief and self-confidence to take on further performance experiences (peak performance skills learned in Coaching; Book ).

Whatever you focus on, you get!  Tony Robbins, well-known life coach.  So it makes sense to focus on Performance Confidence.

Students are genuinely surprised by the program’s results. Professionals find this ideal for maintaining performance confidence with mind-body fitness. All are thankful for everyday stress management.

For the very first time I felt I enjoyed playing to a stranger. Alicia Limasa, pianist, Sydney. Now audio engineer, music educator, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

I just don’t feel I have to please everyone else so much. It’s more – me!  Alex, 2nd yr B. Mus student. Now professional with his own chamber music group

I have used the various training methods and techniques of the book to great success, not only in my teaching but also in my own performances. Yiannis Christophides, concert violinist, violin teacher, secondary school music, music technology teacher, London