Performance Confidence Coaching

Carmel Liertz is a recognised confidence coach. Her education thesis, Developing Performance Confidence: A Holistic Training Strategies Program for Managing Practice and Performance in Music includes a pioneering training program for performance confidence for musicians. This program is an antidote to performance stress and anxiety, based on mind-body enhancement principles found in Sport Psychology. This integrative strategies program has also been used in B.Ed coursework, as well as for assisting to overcome some health challenges such as chronic fatigue syndrome.  The practical book /ebook version of this training strategies program followed (2009;2012) with updates on Performance Nutrition and Performance Health Maintenance. Buy the book. 

Carmel has assisted every one of her clients over the last 16 years to achieve their dreams and personal goals – whether to become competition place-getters, to enhance exam results, to learn to shine on stage, or to gain or regain performance confidence in their chosen field. Linked In Carmel Liertz.     


Common problems addressed are ‘stress and anxiety,’ ‘lack of self-belief’, ‘lack of confidence’. 

With Carmel Liertz’s unique strategies, you can shine confidently in performance in a matter of weeks. Contact Carmel

Which Service for Performance Confidence do you need right now?

  • Individual Coaching Sessions – occasional sessions or 3-5 session package (see below)
  • Performance Confidence Workshops: small groups; large groups
  • Professional Development Workshop Demonstration 
  • Performance Rehabilitation one-to-one – overcoming chronic fatigue, injuries to get back into performance
  • Presentations by Carmel Liertz (talks, seminars, performances).

Did  you know?

Elite athletes have 4 professionals assisting their peak performance requirements – their training coach, sport psychologist (performance coach), nutritionist, and physiotherapist.  Tertiary music students have only their instrument teacher. With a coach. elite performers maintain their form and freshness. Carmel Liertz offers renewed, cutting edge performance, plus assistance to overcome challenges quickly.  

Major Benefits from Performance Confidence Coaching

  • You learn mind-body fitness strategies to maintain motivation and enhance performance
  • Negative thoughts and anxiety are controlled / dismissed
  • Practice and Performance become confident and enjoyable.

Individual Sessions – to overcome mental/physical blocks, get personal plan to become more confident in practice and performance.

3-5 Session Programs – for personalised coaching through the 3 stage process to gain confidence in Practice – Lead-up – Performance or Presentation (discount for multiple sessions) with personal plan.

Contact Carmel for fees for individuals, groups, concessions, institutions.

Performance Confidence Coaching occurs locally (Sydney, Canberra, Kiama, South Coast, and anywhere I am invited), or at a distance (phone, skype, email). Contact Carmel

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