The Salon doors are open – Come on in!

Introducing ‘The Performers’ Salon’ – an environmentally beautiful, safe and eco-friendly place for aspiring musicians to meet, hear about and discuss music performance issues. Sometimes a new ‘theme’ will be announced, other times posts of ‘pieces’ – hopefully all of special interest to you.

The Performers’ Salon is the ideal venue to air your practice or performance challenges, overcome fears of performing, and learn how to be confident in performance.

I’m inviting discussion about the magical state of ‘Flow’.

‘Flow’ can occur in both practice and performance, but what is it exactly? you might reflect on your own experience(s) and wish to make a comment, or ask a question?

Strategies assisting your ideal mental and physical states for confident performance – creating the foundation for the desired ‘Flow’ state, are discussed in my book,’Performance Confidence: A Training Program for Musicians'(available in hard copy or ebook on this website).

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