I don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We are all unique individuals with different requirements. (Carmel Liertz)

Services to choose from:

  • One-to-One Coaching – either individual sessions or personal five-week course (see below)
  • Confidence Workshops for small groups; large groups
  • Professional Development Workshops for teacher-musicians
  • Performance Rehabilitation one-to-one – overcoming chronic fatigue, injuries
  • Presentations by Carmel Liertz (talks, seminars, conferences); Music Performances.

Common problems addressed :

performance anxiety; stage fright; performance nerves; pre-performance stress; practice issues; self-belief and self-confidence issues; communication issues; performance-type health and injury issues. These issues can all be overcome. Contact Carmel.

Did  you know?

Elite athletes have 4 professionals assisting their peak performance requirements – their training coach, sport psychologist (performance coach), nutritionist, and physiotherapist.  Tertiary music students have only their instrument teacher. Elite performers in all performing arts maintain their form and freshness by having their personal performance coach.  This person (Carmel Liertz) is also invaluable for assisting you to overcome challenges quickly, before your mental and physical  health suffers.  The investment is compensated with performance opportunities that follow. One is ready for performance success!

Performance Confidence Coaching occurs locally and at a distance (skype, video, email). Your personal needs and requirements are of greatest importance for acquiring performance confidence. Contact Carmel to discuss your needs.

How performance coaching benefits you:

  • Your practice becomes confident, highly effective
  • You learn to manage yourself and performance confidently
  • You learn to control performance nerves
  • You learn to overcome performance anxiety, stage fright, negative thought patterns
  • You learn to become your own performance coach
  • Your mind-body health improves
  • You can overcome burnout/chronic fatigue, hand/elbow injuries
  • ‘Mind-Body Awareness’ benefits all areas of your life.
Confidence Coaching one-to-one

One-to-One Coaching single sessions

5 Week Programs – guidance through the 3-phase process for gaining confidence in Performance and Presentation.

Enquire for present fees for institutions / individuals / concessions.

Individual Sessions may be taken over a shorter time-frame to refresh, rehabilitate, overcome perceived blockages. 

Don’t waste precious time getting to where you want to be! Contact Carmel.