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How to gain Performance Confidence and maintain it!

Research shows confidence is just as important as your ability!

Because confidence allows you to demonstrate your ability at your optimal level.

Higher levels of perceived confidence are accompanied by higher performance attainments (Bandura 1992).

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What is Performance Confidence? 

  • A positive feeling becoming visible with:
  • detailed preparation
  • belief in your ability
  • strong conviction about the work being presented
  • positive feelings of ‘readiness’
  • desire to demonstrate your ability 
  • self-confidence.

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Comments after using Liertz’s Performance Confidence Training Program Book:

A must-have for music students and professional musicians alike … Marie Vassiliou, lyric soprano, voice teacher-professor at Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London, UK.

I have used the various training methods and techniques of the book to great success, not only in my teaching but also in my own performances. Yiannis Christophides, concert violinist, violin teacher, secondary school music technology, music production DLD College, London,UK

For the very first time I felt I enjoyed playing to a stranger. Alicia Limasa, pianist, Sydney. Now audio engineer, music educator, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  See Reviews  / more Testimonials at Services.