Performance Confidence is a boutique-style service and client focused training business, specialising in personalised Coaching Packages designed to enhance the mental and physical self for improved focus and optimal outcomes for performance and presentation.

We offer personalised solutions for musicians, actors, authors, sports people and public speakers.

Our services also suit anyone wanting to gain or regain confidence and overcome performance anxiety – whether that’s on stage, on the field, at office meetings or during presentations.

Carmel Liertz’s signature Mind-Body Awareness Training © with a unique set of holistic strategies identifies triggers for Stress and Anxiety – providing the solutions to establish a foundation for Confidence in both everyday life and ‘before’ and ‘during’ performance.

We offer client-focused solutions for:

Creator / Director of Performance Confidence – Carmel Liertz – is an international performance coach with extensive experience as performer-presenter, lecturer-teacher and performance researcher. Her work is cross-disciplinary, encompassing the fields of Performance Confidence and Self Efficacy, Sport Psychology and Sport Nutrition, Stress and Mind-Body Health.

She created the first educational Training Program to Develop Performance Confidence for Musicians, and this same training program has since been successfully applied to other performance fields and for mind-body health.

Confidence is the key that unlocks our true performance ability.

(Terry Orlick, Olympic Sport Coach)

What is Confidence?

Confidence is a state of certainty becoming visible with:


•  detailed preparation

•  belief in one’s ability

•  strong conviction about one’s work

•  desire to demonstrate one’s ability to others

•  self confidence.

Why Confidence Matters

Confidence allows you to ‘let go’ and exhibit your true ability in front of others. Confidence is something that can come and go, depending on your circumstances and experiences. So you need to know how to gain it, but also how to quickly regain it.

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Reach your goals and dreams with Carmel Liertz’s Confidence Program


With Carmel’s Coaching and Book.

Mind-Body Awareness

Mind-Body Edge

Performance Confidence

Whatever you focus on, you get!  So think in the mind-set you want,
not the one you don’t want.

Best of all? Anxiety falls away and is replaced by confidence, when you know how to:

  • Nurture and support your mind-body
  • Prepare your mind-body
  • Work on your self-belief
  • Get ‘in the zone’
  • Pick yourself up when feeling down
  • Focus


As national and international Performance Coach, I’m passionate about helping people to be the best they can be –to assist them to overcome obstacles and create their goals and dreams.
My personal style is individualised. I believe in the one-to-one relationship for client-centred focus and results. Aspirational people wanting to enhance their performance benefit from my unique strategies package for performance and presentation confidence – giving them treasured knowledge not otherwise readily available.


From the age of eleven, following my first television performance, I began watching elite performers –athletes, ice-skaters, gymnasts, theatre or music performers. I observed intently how they created masterful performances. I felt I could ‘see’ inside elite athletes’ minds – how they primed themselves to get that necessary focus, psyche themselves up.

I wanted this, to enhance my practice and performance.
So I practised my psyching regime for ‘performance practice’ and prior to performance.


“Carmel Liertz’s approach is groundbreaking!”

(Larry Sitsky, acclaimed Australian Composer/Pianist; Music Educator, Musicologist, Emeritus Prof at ANU Music School)

” I bought Carmel Liertz’s book and have had classes with her. I have found classes so beneficial and uplifting in so many ways. My students too are also benefitting from this total approach to performance development. I can recommend most highly her book and classes.”

(Sandra Conwell, ANZCA Examiner.)