One To One Coaching offers one or more personal coaching sessions with Carmel Liertz.

A preliminary 30 min free conversation is given, to discuss the person’s needs and expectations prior to the first purchased session.

My personalised coaching is designed for aspirational individuals in diverse performance / presentation areas wishing to reach a higher performance level with confidence, and attain their goals with improved focus and motivation e.g. work professionals, performing and creative artists, authors, athletes, health professionals, college and tertiary students.

I do not believe in the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

(Carmel Liertz, International Performance Coach)


Professional Talks with Q and A are tailor-made learning sessions on specific topics of interest for various professional groups.

Duration may be 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 2 hours with appropriate individual fees. Topics of most interest with also be canvassed from professional groups.


Carmel Liertz’s Professional Talks are designed for workplace professionals, freelance professionals, and small business professionals who wish to learn from Carmel’s broad experience in teaching, project development, performance / presentation and her research knowledge in the inter-relationships between stress, mind-body health and performance. Her Mind-Body Awareness Training for optimal performance outcomes is discussed with solutions for specific challenges such as Stress and Anxiety hindering confidence and success. Audience interaction is encouraged in these sessions.

Package structure depends on the specific needs of the professional group and how the talk is to be delivered.

Topics covered and Structure of Talk will be sent in advance with the Registration Details.

We forfeit three-fourths of ourselves to be like other people.

(Arthur Schopenhauer, German Philosopher)



One to One Coaching (on site and at a distance)


“Carmel’s strategies opened my eyes to many areas of performance practice I had either neglected, or had not been exposed to. Her emphasis on nutrition and physical activity has helped me immeasurably.”

(Daniel McKay, prize-winning Australian classical guitarist, Musica Viva artist, Melbourne)


“I was often skipping meals or snacks, pushing sleep hours, not exercising, and practicing too long. It was hard to break out of those things when there was a constant mountain of things to get through.  But I actually performed all three of my last recitals without a drop of caffeine, I was fully in control before it and I was able to prepare much more confidently and efficiently because of the well-rounded and thorough care and attention to every detail that Carmel’s sessions and book afforded me.”

(Mary Chalaby, 4th year hons performance student, now pianist/performer, teacher, music arranger, event-co-ordinator, Brisbane QLD.)



Coaching Talks with Q & A at Institutions (on site)


“You did a great job explaining your work to us students at Monash University, so I went and got your book. I think it’s great!”

(Bryce Roberts, Student Teach, Glen Waverly Secondary College, Victoria)


“A well-organised, well-communicated presentation”, “thought-provoking”, “A great philosophy”, “A very inspiring afternoon!”

(Teachers’ comments at onsite Professional Talk with Q & A, for combined Coffs Harbour and Grafton Conservatoriums)


“The quality of your Course was excellent (all participants); thanks for this Course and all your energy, Carmel”; “I learned that Exercise and Nutrition are of prime importance”; “An understanding that is ok and normal to suffer creative ‘slumps'”; “My perceptions of presentation have changed because Carmel’s techniques created a space for me to change and grow an ‘I can do it‘ attitude.”

(Participants’ comments for Ignite: 8 Week Course for Performance and Presentation Confidence, Kiama Council Grant awarded to Carmel Liertz in 2017)



Testimonials from Various National/International Institutions 


“And here is a study by someone who decided to do something positive about reducing performance anxiety.”

Carmel Liertz, “Developing Performance Confidence: A Holistic Training Strategies Program for Managing Practice and Performance in Music” (Thesis, 2002)

(Curtin University of Technology WA, Bachelor of Education Coursework, Unit Guide for Adult learning and assessment, revised by Lou Siragusa,


“I wanted to thank you again for the video you prepared for my class at Loyola Marymount University. Everything played perfectly and we had a vigorous discussion inspired by the video presentation. Quite a wonderful start to a semester of performances. I told the students to treat the class as a laboratory for performance confidence… I think they got the message. I will have our library order your book, in hard copy and as an ebook.”

(Wojciech Kocyan, Clinical Professor and Artist in Residence, Loyola Marymount University USA)


“Dear Carmel, Thank you very much for your excellent talk. You gave us a well-prepared, thoughtful presentation. I was impressed with the way you were able to show that performance enhancement designed for a particular context had broad application to everyday life. Congratulations!”

(Laurie Gilbert, Talks Co-ordinator Kiama U3A Inc (Talk fro U3A members, Mind-Body Awareness, The 21st Century Approach to Performance Confidence)