7 Self Care Habits to Prevent Burnout

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Introducing ‘Revolutionary Etudes’ as Powerpoint

This short Powerpoint Presentation shows the significance of my latest book/ebook within the trilogy of works for my Holistic Performance Model. This book’s ‘Etudes’ (case studies) as centrepiece highlight the revolutionary stories of tertiary performance participants who trialled my holistic ‘Training Program for Performance Enhancement’ which they themselves declared gave them Performance Confidence – hence [...]

New Self Care Considerations – 13th World Piano Conference 2021

You can download a PDF copy of Carmel’s presentation, New Self Care Considerations: Mind-Body Health Governs Performance Outcomes, to the 13th World Piano Conference 2021 below.     Carmel’s video presentation to the conference is also available on her YouTube channel, Performance Confidence & Self Care.

Looking At My Presentation To The 12th World Piano Conference In 2020

Pianist and innovative music educator, Carmel Liertz, is an international performance coach with an extensive background in Music Performance, Performance Education, and Performance Research. Tertiary performance and pedagogy studies were undertaken in Australia and Germany. While teaching performance at university, she became interested in applying Sport Psychology’s successful Mental Training and Sport Nutrition principles to […]

Maintaining Health for Confident Performance

Scientific and psychological studies show that the mind and body are not separate entities but interconnected. People are learning about the connection between good mental health and good physical health for performers, this being a two-way process. When your mental health declines, your physical health is affected negatively, and, if your physical health declines, it […]

Self Belief

What is Self Belief? Why is it crucial for your Self Confidence? How can you nurture your Self Belief? Subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up to date, Performance Confidence & Self Care

Attentional Focus

Attentional Focus is a main challenge of the digital age. A high level of Attentional Focus is essential for Training/Practice and for Performance or Presentation. The two types – broad focus and narrow focus (defined in Sport Psychology) – are both required, along with the ability to switch between these two types. Broad focus is […]

Photographic Memory

Do you find memorising music challenging? Most musicians are familiar with aural and tactile forms of memorisation, maybe even kinaesthetic (muscle memory/body movements) but no so familiar with photographic memorisation – 'seeing' the music in one's head – as groups of notes and structural layout. Combining these 4 types can give more secure memory, increasing [...]

News April 15th, 2019 World Piano Conference

I’m excited to be invited to the World Piano Conference in Novi Sad, Serbia June 27 – July 3, 2019. I’m to give a Lecture and Performance Coaching at this International Conference comprising Lectures, Recitals, Masterclasses and Coaching as well as an International Piano Competition – all within the space of 7 days. (Novi Sad, […]

Performance Confidence – A Skill You Can Learn

Performance Confidence is a skill you can learn. So why not learn it? Performance stress falls away when you focus on confident performance. The same ‘mind-body awareness’ strategies used by elite athletes can be applied for music performance, workplace performance, and presentation. Mind-body fitness becomes the solid foundation with my unique holistic approach – an [...]