Maintaining Health for Confident Performance

Dr Bruce Lipton, Author of 'The Biology of Belief' with Carmel Liertz.

Maintaining Health for Confident Performance

Scientific and psychological studies show that the mind and body are not separate entities but interconnected. People are learning about the connection between good mental health and good physical health for performers, this being a two-way process. When your mental health declines, your physical health is affected negatively, and, if your physical health declines, it can cause you to feel mentally ‘down’.

Aim to keep your mind-body connections healthy. I’ll provide specific book titles from time to time. One important book I recommend is Dr Bruce Lipton’s ‘The Biology of Belief’ demonstrating that your DNA does not rule your life, but that you are in charge of your DNA pre-dispositions.  This is a life-changing read about the new science of Epigenetics which Bruce Lipton developed.  I was fortunate to have a conversation and photo with Bruce Lipton back in 2012 as shown here.




ADD CINNAMON – a delicate spice that enhances health in so many ways: rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, having positive effects on blood sugar levels, protecting heart health and brain function, and fighting infections and viruses. Sprinkle a teaspoon of cinnamon as often as possible – in baking, or add to warm oats, muesli, pumpkin, yoghurt, sweet rice meals. Add cinnamon and turmeric to a cup of rice milk, heating in saucepan, for a delicious non-caffeine drink at night or during the day.


ADD TURMERIC – it’s a natural health enhancer! According to nutritional medical doctors like Prof.Keith Scott-Mumby, the numerous mind-body benefits seem to have expanded. Turmeric protects brain cells, plus it supports cardiovascular function, assists liver function and fights inflammation throughout the body (so easing aches and pains), supports joints and muscle health and promotes healthy mood balance. Black pepper enhances its effectiveness. Sprinkle this yellow spice in your cooking. (Rice will look and taste great).


ADD 6 MIND-BODY ENHANCING  STRATEGIES – Use my book’s 6 mental and physical strategies to enhance your mind-body. See my book Buy Page hard copy or download copy.

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