A must-have for music students and professional musicians alike, this book has been impressively researched and written with genuine care and consideration for the reader. Liertz has managed to draw together a wealth of information from many different sources to aid the musician’s well being. One can sense Carmel Liertz’s experience as performer and teacher throughout, as well as her generosity of spirit. The subject of performance confidence is an important and timely one, as musicians have to adapt more then ever before to different performing contexts and increased competition and travel. This book is an invaluable resource with much useful advice regarding practical strategies, mental and physical, as well as nutritional suggestions for attaining optimal performance. It takes a holistic view and multi-disciplinary approach that is both appropriate and vital for today’s performers. An excellent read.

Marie Vassiliou
Lyric soprano & voice teacher at Guildhall School of Music and Drama & Royal Academy of Music, London, UK.

In ‘Performance Confidence’, Carmel Liertz writes not only from personal experience but also from a thorough study of the science involved, and has finally done what should have been done a long time ago – i.e. used knowledge garnered by sports medicine practitioners and then built upon that knowledge. It is gratifying that this field has been finally looked at as a scientific problem as well as a psychological one. I am certain that Carmel Liertz’s book, ‘Performance Confidence’ will become compulsory reading for student and teacher musicians in the search to solve the complex problem of the physiology/psychology of performance stresses and preparation.

Professor Larry Sitsky
Australian composer, pianist, musicologist, music educator, Emeritus Professor, ANU School of Music

I was introduced to Carmel Liertz’s ‘Performance Confidence’ after a music teachers’ meeting where the issue of nerves and performance preparation was brought up in the conversation. This book is suited for musicians, music students, performing artists of all ages and is geared towards building performance confidence. I have used the various training methods and techniques of the book to great success, not only in my teaching but also in my own performances.

Yiannis Christophides
Secondary music technology teacher, music production consultant/music producer, London

Performance Confidence: A Training Program for Musicians’ is a very important addition to the musician’s library for many reasons:


•   The book’s generous assemblage of practical strategies to boost confidence and success allows an individual  to survey and choose from a range of strategies the precise elements most suited to them. In many cases individuals will encounter for the first time sensible approaches that had not occurred to them or had not been offered to them.
•   The program’s holistic approach recognises the relevance to performance success of many extramusical factors.
•   The encouragement that we may take a long view when meaning to work on our confidence – good results may be weeks or months in the making, and years in the maintaining.


Finally, I welcome the tools that have been offered for self-empowerment. What a gift to those who are inclined to look to themselves to make an effort, rather than to hope that their growth always can be gifted to them by others.

David Pereira
‘Cellist, recording artist, music educator, author

Carmel Liertz’s book, ‘Performance Confidence: A Training Program for Musicians: Mind-Body Awareness, the 21st Century Approach to Performance Confidence’, epitomises the holistic approach for the mind, body and soul in regard to nurturing the performance development of musicians. The book is based on sports psychology that systemically transfers in a cross-domain approach to music. With her background in music performance, education and research, Carmel Liertz has created an integrative strategies program for performance confidence, which demonstrates that nurturing the mind-body with appropriate nutrition before performing, exercising to strengthen mental and physical agility, as well as using psychological strategies to enhance musical performance can provide a positive skillset for managing practice and performance effectively. The book presents a truthful, sensible and modern approach to successful performing. I also endorse this book as a pre-requisite for senior high school music students who will perform for their Higher School Certificate and early tertiary music students at university. Every music library should have a copy.

Dr Sylvana Augustyniak
Music Researcher, academic writer, journalist, musician and educator, Sydney

Carmel Liertz is to be congratulated on her book, ‘Performance Confidence’, which is an excellent publication with solid substance. There really is no other book for musicians providing the information covered here.

Carol Brandman
Music education specialist, Engadine Music Education Centre, Sydney

Carmel Liertz provides a wealth of vital information regarding the emotional and physical health of musicians in her book ‘Performance Confidence’. As a singer who has personally dealt with the difficulties of stage anxiety, I found ‘Performance Confidence’ both comforting and inspiring. Carmel provides practical and well-researched methods regarding performance visualisation and self-empowerment, which is invaluable to a singer, whose instrument is entirely affected by emotional responses in their body. This publication must be read by musicians and teachers alike, as it stands alone within the existing literature on musical performance.

Holly Joseph
Professional singer B.Mus.Hons, M.Mus.Perf

I think your ‘Performance Confidence’ book contains skills a lot of musicians don’t know, but which are actually very important for them to understand.

Alicia Limasa
Audio engineer, music educator in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Returning to Piano as an adult, I found myself frustrated with my performance efforts, experiencing overwhelming feelings of nervousness and unclear focus.  Carmel’s books immediately offered me the tools I needed to improve this situation. Her method is clear and easy to follow and I felt supported and understood right from the start.  I have now found ways to pull my focus back in and brush off critical inner voices when playing in front of others. I even find myself enjoying playing and getting into the flow of the music, riding the difficult bits with much more ease.


Carmel writes with a warm and charming positivity and generously shares all her wisdom and experience. Her method is continuous so I look forward to progressing further on my journey.

Claire Smith
Pianist and Dancer in London, UK