How To Overcome Overwhelm – 14th World Piano Conference 2022


How To Overcome Overwhelm – 14th World Piano Conference 2022

You can download a PDF copy of Carmel’s presentation, How To Overcome Overwhelm – So You Perform At Your Best, to the 14th World Piano Conference 2022 below.



Carmel’s video presentation to the conference is also available on her YouTube channel, Performance Confidence & Self Care.

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Carmel Liertz
3 months ago

People hesitate to comment – even to say ‘thank you’ – not realising they are actually missing out on enormous opportunities.

Having studied Performance in Australia and overseas, and been guest at 6 leading performance institutions in Germany and Austria gave me an extraordinary overview to complete ‘groundbreaking’ academic research for a totally new perspective of what Performance Confidence means and applied to the stressful uncertain times in which we live.
This research work, books and video talks are therefore intended to assist aspiring individuals worldwide, who seek what they feel is missing, and desire to upgrade – changing and transforming themselves with their optimal performance! Those who continue to learn, acknowledging those who inspire them to discover hidden or unknown aspects, will always stand out in the crowd – Carmel Liertz.