Looking At My Presentation To The 12th World Piano Conference In 2020

Looking At My Presentation To The 12th World Piano Conference In 2020

Pianist and innovative music educator, Carmel Liertz, is an international performance coach with an extensive background in Music Performance, Performance Education, and Performance Research. Tertiary performance and pedagogy studies were undertaken in Australia and Germany. While teaching performance at university, she became interested in applying Sport Psychology’s successful Mental Training and Sport Nutrition principles to musicians’ performance. Carmel created the first Performance Confidence Training Program for Musicians with her groundbreaking education thesis, ‘Developing Performance Confidence: A Holistic Training Strategies Program for Managing Practice and Performance in Music’(2002). The practical book and ebook followed later, ‘Performance Confidence: A Training Program for Musicians’ (2009; 2012) describing how to incorporate the set of six mind-body enhancing strategies into daily life and for Practice, Lead-Up and Performance. Liertz’s signature ‘Mind-Body Awareness’ training being the foundation of all her work, develops performance confidence and mind-body fitness simultaneously. This holistic approach is also successful in assisting with recovery from burnout, chronic fatigue and physical injuries in musicians. Carmel Liertz specialises in personalised one-to-one coaching and workshops for performance confidence, self -care, and recovery. Contact Carmel at info@performanceconfidence.com or www.performanceconfidence.com for enquiries about coaching, workshops, and for book purchase details, reviews and testimonials.


Self Care for Pianists: Mind-Body Maintenance and Recovery

The topic of Self Care for Pianists, indeed, for all musicians, has been sadly neglected in music performance education. Yet, the importance of mind-body fitness soon becomes apparent to aspiring pianists as they develop their performance skills to a high degree and perform regularly. My life’s work demonstrates that musicians need to be aware of the interrelationship between their mental and physical states to achieve their personal best in training and performance, just like elite athletes need to be. Considering that elite athletes have four individual specialists to assist in maintaining optimal performance, mind-body maintenance and recovery, this talk aims to demonstrate that it is just as important to develop the musician’s awareness of self care and mind-body maintenance for optimal performance, as it is to develop the musical and technical skills necessary for performance. The complementary role of a performance coach is discussed, and how to monitor self care to assist with mind-body maintenance and recovery from chronic conditions. Such knowledge is vital to successfully manage the demanding lifestyle challenges of being a professional pianist and pianist-teacher in today’s competitive, unpredictable world.


You can download Carmel’s presentation using the button below, and view her latest YouTube video discussing the presentation.


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