‘The Magic of the Process’ (Paul McCartney)

Most people want to get to the end-product as soon as possible. But it’s the process that defines the end result. I just heard Paul McCartney talking from the heart about ‘the magic of the process’ in his song writing, this still fascinating him at 71.

Whether it be composing, or learning a piece of music, it is the magic of the process. That sense of discovery of something extraordinary, as well as the uncovering, discovering oneself, can be understood with McCartney’s description: ‘like the rabbit being pulled out of the hat!’

Performance Confidence: A Training Program for Musicians will assist you enormously to conjure up the magic for your practice – getting yourself into the ideal mindset for preparation, learning, and music-making (‘Session 2 Practice’) and then to conjure up magic for your performance (Session 3 Lead-up; Session 4: Pre-performance, performance).

One of my German teachers knew how to remind me to press that magic button, by asking just before I began to play for him, Is it going to be magic today?  I still remember instantly fine-tuning my mind to conjure up the sounds I wanted in my inner ear – to create a magical performance.

So why not say to yourself with a smile, as you start practising today, and later down the track as you walk on stage for the performance: 

                                Yes, it’s going to be magic today!



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